I’m not failed, but my success is just postponed. I grew up with a father and mother who always quarreled almost every day. I didn’t know if my mom was right for all the allegations she threw to my dad. And that caused them to spark every time my dad comes home. Countless of times when my mom attempted to leave us and looked for a peaceful and separated life. We were apprehensive that one day they would end up their marriage in a mess. And yes, it did. My mom left us and worked in Manila. I don’t know if you feel what we felt during that time. It’s difficult to have no mother at home. Mother is the manager of the home. She takes care of her children. With our situation, I came to think that we were already predestined to have a failed family.

Our dad was a small businessman. He traveled to Mindanao very often for that matter. One time, I went with him and he went somewhere else where he could satisfy his fleshly desires while I was left to my relative’s house. My dad was a gambler, drunkard and womanizer. He was so cruel to my mom every time he’s drunk. Nothing I could do to my dad. He was spoiled up by his affluent grandparents. He was well-supplied. He lived in a luxurious life. Subsequently, he lost his business. I considered it a failure on my dad’s leadership. An evil thought came to mind, that when I grow up I should kill my dad. On the other hand, no matter how troubled we were in our home, I along with my siblings thrived to excel in our studies. We consistently got to be on the top of our classes.

During high school, my daily chores such as making ice water and ice candy, tending the cows and carabaos (water buffalo) affected my studies. I arrived to school late and sometimes I couldn’t make my assignments. In fourth year, I was saddened to know that I was given a grade below that the cut-off to be included in the honor roll. I approached my teacher but it seemed that my effort was futile. He was very inconsiderate. I hated that instructor much. I finished high school with a heavy heart because of my failure to be included in the honor roll. From that time, no matter how I tried to console my self, I remained emotionally distressed and perplexed. As if the clouds in heaven fell upon me. But, prior to opening of classes, Landbank of the Philippines offered a scholarship for deserving students who are members of the coconut farmers association. Alas! I was a recipient of the scholarship. Feeling so excited. I prepared the necessary requirements at once. The Vice Mayor who was also my uncle expressed his generosity to help me. Again, it was not pushed through due to the insurgencies and killings that happened in the campus where I supposed to study. Another failure! I skipped one year from my schooling. I worked at Alturas Supermarket as a bagger, janitor and warehouse assistant.

Little by little, my dream became true. I worked at Bohol Chronicle for six months. Then to Casilan Law Office and I moved to Cebu where I got the work in Innodata Philippines. I believe it was God’s wisdom that I decided to study education in one of the universities in Cebu. My life was full of challenges. Honestly, I struggled to pursue my studies. Most of my classmates had already finished their studies and landed in their decent and stable jobs. I felt very inferior. Fortunately, my sister called and advised me to just finish my study in Education at the University of Bohol, where I received the Most Outstanding Student and Leadership Excellence Awards. I was also awarded as Summa cum Laude for my Masters and Meritisimus for my Doctoral. I experienced working abroad for four years, but now I am enjoying happily to serve my fellow-Filipino through DepEd Tagbilaran. To God, be the glory for the speedy promotion. This time, I realized that success comes to those who patiently wait. As it was promised in the book of Isaiah 40:31 and I’d like to quote, “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” 






About junmilar

I am a teacher by profession. I'm currently teaching English as Second Language in Thailand. I have been known as a consistent outstanding teacher both in the Philippines and Thailand. As part of my job, I also accept home and online tutorials.

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